Who We Are: Honestly, just a couple of goofs.

We have been best friends for over a decade and always wanted to open up our own shop. After living in different states through most of our friendship, we finally unite, at last. Now that we both live in Austin, TX, we took our chances and decided to pursue our long life dream.

While our story may be funny, we truly put ourselves to turn this dream into a reality. It is our intentions for you to feel and understand our passion for the games we enjoy. Yet, we couldn’t have done it by ourselves, we have a long list of people we owe our thanks to. Thanks to our families, friends, and more we are able to bring you a safe and dedicated place to enjoy various games.

Most importantly, we must thank you. Yes, you. The one reading this. Thanks to you we are able to keep our dream alive.

Jose Fuentes

Aaron holland
Team member

Maxwell Longfield
Team member

joshua najera